Focus ST

From R457 300

The ST’s sleek interior combines space and elegance, be it in the sporty new racing seats or the stylish aluminium pedals, the Focus ST has it all.

Where elegance and performance meet

The Focus ST takes aerodynamics to the maximum with its low profile, fine-tuned suspension and ingenious new grille shutter. This aerodynamic design allows for the optimum use of the Focus ST’s turbo charger for improved performance and fuel economy that will surprise and delight you.

World class safety

Ford spared no effort in the testing and designing of safety features. Features like automatic windshield wipers and environment sensing adaptable lights will optimise your safety. Ford’s Intelligent Protection System will help you keep safely in control of your car and the high strength steel roll cage will ensure your welfare at all times.

Form meets function

Not only does the centre console come equipped with a Bluetooth-capable stereo system but it also features the Focus ST’s unique sport gauge design which allows you to control your engine as well as your turbocharger.

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