About Us

The Ben Morgenrood Group was established in 1988 by its namesake, a legendary racer. Ben Morgenrood was no stranger to the industry, having also founded Randfontein Panelbeaters in 1975.

Mahindra was added as a brand during expansion in 2013. Since then Mahindra Randfontein has received wide satisfactions as Mahindra continue to prove themselves as vehicles that are perfectly suited to a South African lifestyle. Hardy, affordable and reliable, the Mahindra brand is a natural extension of the Ben Morgenrood ethos of service excellence.

At Mahindra Randfontein we operate like a family. We work together, always aspiring to the goal of excellence in all that we deliver. We are proud to form part of the Randfontein community and intend to continue uplifting our town and offering the best service available.