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The Mahindra Bolero Double Cab is the multi-utility vehicle to suit all your needs. It combines a spacious interior with rugged performance to create the perfect dynamic working vehicle.

Blending safety with utility

With a payload of 1.1 tonne and a loadbox capacity of 2260mm X 1530mm X 730mm, the Bolero Double Cab is up to face any challenge. The spacious interior and large load capacity make this vehicle a premium asset for any business. With all the rugged utility, the Bolero Double Cab makes sure work can be conducted safely. With disc-drum brakes, the Bolero Double Cab is stopped safely and rear-wheel locking is prevented. The sheet metal body is designed to shield you from impact while the anti-topple technology and balance allow for sturdiness and surety, protecting against rolling in unfavourable conditions.

Rugged workhorse

The hydraulic clutch allows drivers to use all 74kW of power and 238Nm of torque produced by the 2.5l NEF turbodiesel engine. The high ground clearance of 200mm, power steering and a turning circle of 6.75m make the Bolero Double Cab the perfect worker.

Comfort and peace of mind

With all the rugged ability of the Bolero Double Cab on the outside, you’ll be surprised to find the comfort of the air conditioner and heater within the cabin.

Make hard work a pleasure with the Bolero Double Cab