About Us

The Ben Morgenrood group was originally founded by the racing legend of the same name in 1988. Ben Morgenrood turned dealership owner after establishing Randfontein Panelbeaters in 1975.

Mazda was one of the original brands in the Ben Morgenrood Group and throughout its operation has achieved dealer of the year from 2008-2011.

Epitomising the Mazda mind-set is its relentless ambition to move forward and redefine the motoring world. In kind, at Ben Morgenrood Mazda we strive to deliver the brand ever further and achieve success for all of our partners. We future of the motoring industry lies in economy and quality manufacturing and we strive to deliver the realisation of those goals to our customers.

We are always grateful to our partners and to our valued customers. Ben Morgenrood Mazda aims to deliver service excellence and our customers are our continued inspiration.