Servicing and Parts

At Ben Morgenrood Group we are a full service group. We ensure that it only takes one visit with us to cater to all your automotive needs.

That’s why we offer service, repair and parts facilities on our premises. Regular servicing of your vehicle is absolutely critical to ensure its lifespan and the safety of you and your passengers.

At Ben Morgenrood Group our workshop is fully stocked with the most advanced tools for the job, ready to receive your vehicle.

We have a team of skilled technicians with a wealth of experience to handle any surprises that might arise with expert efficiency.

When your vehicle needs parts, we have a parts division to facilitate ordering and delivery. If we don’t already have the part you need, we’ll order it for you directly. We strive to make every service simple, efficient and convenient.

Contact us now to have one of our helpful staff members book your car in at a time that suits you.